Different Ways to Hide Money at Home

A hollow-core interior door is a clever place to hide money.
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Even if you have an expensive, state-of-the-art security system or a vicious guard dog, thieves can still find their way into your home. While your household belongings are likely covered by your insurance policy if they are lifted, the cash you have carelessly lying around may not be. Even if you do have cash coverage on your insurance policy, the policy might have limits that fall short of the amount of cash you stand to lose. No matter if you have a hundred bucks or thousands of dollars in your home, do more than stash it in a sock drawer or under your mattress.

Step 1

Install an extra smoke detector in your home and remove its insides. Hide your money in the empty space.

Step 2

Hollow out the inside of a book and stash small amounts of cash in the hollow. Close the book and place it on a shelf full of books.

Step 3

Open one end of a frozen dinner box carefully -- the kind with the all-in-one meal in an oval or square container container inside. Slip a thin stack of money, or two, into the box. Seal the box by applying glue to the flap. Put the box back in the freezer. If you have a more than a stack or two of bills you want to hide, use an empty frozen dinner box.

Step 4

Remove a hollow core door inside your home from its hinges. Cut a slot in the top of the door. Bundle stacks of money with rubber bands and slip them inside the door. The inside of the door can hold hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cover up the hole with wood putty. If you frequently need access to hidden cash, you might not want to use this method, because you will have to remove the door from its hinges each time you want to access the money.

Step 5

Buy a canister of coffee and transfer half of it to another container. Place some cash in small zip-type plastic bag and place it in the bottom of the empty coffee can. Fill the can with coffee up to the top. Place the coffee can in a normal spot.

Step 6

Invest in a wall safe and put your cash in it, if you have lots of dough you want to keep hidden. Cover the wall safe with a large picture. Thieves might find your hiding place, but they'll have trouble breaking into the safe in the limited amount of time they usually have.

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