How to Create a Beautiful Home on a Budget

Choose a decorating style to guide the process.
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Pack up the canvas director's chair and milk crates that served you so well during the college years. A grown-up decor to match your grown-up status beautifies your home with decor worthy of showing off. A beautiful home is often associated with a big budget, but many of the high-end looks are possible at a much lower price. A few eye-catching pieces blended with low-cost decorating options get you closer to the desired look without breaking the budget.

Step 1

Calculate the amount of money you have for the decorating budget. Use this figure to decide how to focus your decorating efforts.

Step 2

Walk through the home to figure out where you want to focus you energy. Identify the areas that need the most help and the rooms that get the most use. Write down specific changes you want to make in the home.

Step 3

Discuss the overall look or decorating style you're aiming for before you start the decorating process. Look for inspiration in home improvement magazines and furniture stores. Gather things like paint chips and fabric swatches that match your desired style for inspiration and reference when selecting decorating elements.

Step 4

Look through the home decor items you already own to see if they can be reused to fit your decorating vision. Think of ways you can update pieces. For example, you might paint an old coffee table that has a scratched top or refinish the frame for apiece of artwork.

Step 5

Purchase home decor items off-the-shelf instead of ordering custom. Stock items are much cheaper and you can add your own touches, such as paint or extra trim pieces, to dress up the look.

Step 6

Paint the walls in each room, using a wall color that matches the decorating style you chose. For example, if you want a spa-like feeling in the master bedroom, a light, calming blue or green color works well for the walls. A coat of paint makes a big impact on how a room looks and feels.

Step 7

Purchase neutral furniture pieces if you need new furniture so they will fit into any design or color changes in the room. Browse the clearance section of the furniture store for discounted pieces, or keep an eye on Craigslist for cheap used furniture that looks like new.

Step 8

Dress up furniture, either new or old, with accent pillows that match your design goals. Top tables with decorative trays, candles and decorative pieces that you either already own or find at low cost.

Step 9

Dress up inexpensive curtains by stenciling a design on them with fabric paint. Choose a stencil design that complements the room's overall design and style.

Step 10

Add decorative elements over time rather than beautifying your entire house all at once. Purchase new pieces as you find things that would fit your home's style to spread out the cost.

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