How to Cool Down a Bedroom

Cool your bedroom efficiently with inexpensive strategies.
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The rooms in a home can become unbearably hot during the summer, especially your bedroom. You don't have to swelter. There are various remedies you can employ to cool this room efficiently. Most methods are inexpensive and require items you may already have at home. With a mixture of conventional wisdom and technology, you can make your bedroom comfortable enough to get a good night's sleep.

Step 1

Keep the door open to dilute the air in the bedroom with cooler air from the rest of the house. If the air is cooler outside, cross ventilation from open windows across the room can speed the process.

Step 2

Circulate the air in the room with a ceiling fan or a standing fan. If your ceiling fan has a reversible motor, flip the switch in the summer so it spins counterclockwise. The blades produce a cool breeze in this direction. If you are using a standing fan, place it with its back to the window or the door to pull cooler air into the room from outside or from the rest of the house.

Step 3

Fill a bowl with ice. Place it on a surface that is level with the front of a standing fan and turn on the fan. The fan blows the coolness from the ice into the room. You can refill the bowl when the first batch of ice melts. For maximum benefit, point the fan to you and make it stationary.

Step 4

Turn off any device in the room that generates heat. This includes computers, televisions and light bulbs.

Step 5

Relocate furnishings that could store heat in the bedroom, if possible, such as shaggy area rugs and pillows.

Step 6

Install a room air conditioner. Window air conditioners are not difficult to install if you have a sash window. A portable air conditioner requires no installation and can begin to cool the bedroom as soon as you plug it in to a wall socket. Obtain one with enough power to cool your room effectively.

Step 7

Paint the bedroom walls with a cool color to help your efforts. Soothing colors such as blue, green and violet make a room seem cooler. Avoid colors such as orange, red and yellow which make a room warmer.

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