How to Check the Total Rate of Return in Fidelity

Fidelity Investments offers a user-friendly interface that makes checking the total rate of return for your accounts a snap. With a few clicks, you can view your total rate of return as a percentage, as well as see a breakdown of the cumulative contributions to your plan and a change in market value for your funds. You can use this information to make changes to your investment options if you feel one or more of your investments aren’t performing well. You can also use the information simply to satisfy your own curiosity.

Step 1

Login to your Fidelity account. You’ll see the name of any savings plans Fidelity holds for you. This might include plans you personally contribute to, or plans your employer established on your behalf.

Step 2

Click the “View Year-to-Date Change” link that appears below your plan, next to an “Actions” icon. You’ll see your rate of return for the current period. Fidelity uses a calendar-year period to analyze your rate of change in this tab.

Step 3

View rates of return for previous periods. If you’ve had your Fidelity account longer than the current calendar year, you can view rate of return information for the previous 24 months. Click the “View an Online Statement” link at the bottom of the “Year-to-Date Change” page to view historical return rates for your account.

Step 4

Click the “Custom Date Range” button to select your own range of dates to analyze. You can view a rate return summary for the past 24 months as one combined rate, or select specific date ranges within the past 24 months to get an idea of how your account performed during select times.

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