How to Change the Birth Date on a Tax Return

Amend your tax return so that the information is correct.
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Only tax returns that are filed electronically require a date of birth. The purpose is for tax credits and deductions to be automatically calculated. If the birth date that you entered on your return doesn't match the records of the Social Security Administration, it will be rejected. However, the problem is easily fixed; simply revisit the website that you used to file the return and make the change.

Step 1

Visit the website that you used to create and file your tax return. Open the file that contains the return. For some tax programs, you may need to choose “Continue” rather than “Open.” If the return was rejected due to a wrong birth date, the program may see your return as incomplete and request that you continue filling out the form.

Step 2

Notice if your program offers a “Fix” option. Intuit’s Turbo Tax, for example, will alert you to a problem with the return and guide you to the appropriate page to fix the indicated errors. If not, simply pull up the personal information portion of the return.

Step 3

Enter your correct date of birth in the appropriate cell of the form. Follow the prompts on your particular tax program to save and re-file the tax return. For example, Turbo Tax will ask you to “continue” through any other portions that require fixing. The program will then prompt you to retransmit your form.

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