How to Cancel Esurance

Esurance is an online-only insurance provider with clients across the United States. It is a division of the Allstate insurance brand and holds an A+ rating with A.M.Best, a third-party insurance industry review company. While Esurance is a great option for some people, you may find that it is time to cancel your policy. Make sure that you follow all the steps so that you don't get charged for a policy you aren't using.

Is Cancelation the Right Move?

If you wish to switch to a different provider to save money on your insurance, then canceling might be the right choice. However, it's not always the best option. For example, it is possible to suspend your Esurance car insurance policy if you are a member of the military and you are being deployed overseas. Esurance provides penalty-free cancellation and reinstatement at the same rate you had when you left.

If you are considering cancelation because you just don't want to pay car insurance at all, you may wish to rethink that decision. It is illegal in most states to operate a motor vehicle without auto insurance. Any lapse in coverage can result in a fine and a suspension of your vehicle registration or driver's license. The penalties for driving without insurance can often be worse for your finances than simply paying for the policy.

Prepare to Cancel

If you have considered all your options and still want to cancel your Esurance policy, start by getting your ducks in a row. First, check your policy to see when you can cancel. Then secure another policy so that there is no lapse in coverage. You may also want to look up the state where your car is registered and insured and check the policy regarding penalties or fees for cancellation. Make note of any charges that apply to you so that you can ensure accurate billing when the process is complete.

Contact Esurance and Cancel

Contact the Esurance customer service department by telephone at 1-800-378-7262. Tell the representative that you wish to cancel your Esurance policy. You will need to provide your name and policy number to do so. You may have to answer a few simple questions to prove your identity as the policyholder before moving forward with the process.

Inform the representative of the date on which you would like to end your policy so that it coincides with the date that you will no longer be using your automobile or the date that your new policy will begin so there is no lapse in coverage.

Request that any premiums paid beyond the cancellation date be returned to you. Because Esurance policies are prepaid, any payments made for periods after which your policy has been canceled at your request are refundable. Your payment should be sent in the form of a check by mail to your home address once the cancellation process has been completed. Request proof of cancellation by email or regular mail and keep it for future reference.

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