How Can I Get a Tax ID Number to Open a Special Needs Trust Fund in the State of Vermont?

A special needs trust can help a disable person who has limited income.
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You can establish a special needs trust fund as a financial mechanism to support a disabled person with limited assets and income of his own. A special needs trust is recognized in federal law and can be established in Vermont, or in other states, to assist an individual with special needs. The trust manager is required to obtain a tax identification number for administering the trust. You can receive a tax identification number online, over the phone, or by submitting the required forms on paper.

Special Needs Trust Fund

A special needs trust fund, also known as a supplemental needs trust, is a fund to supplement the benefits, such as Medicaid or public housing, received by a disabled person with limited financial means of his own. The trust is often established by a family member or legal trustee for the individual with special needs and makes resources available to someone who otherwise has very limited financial means.

Tax ID Number

A federal employer identification number, or EIN, is often informally called a tax identification number. An EIN is not required for establishing a special needs trust fund in Vermont but it is usually needed for subsequent tax reporting. The EIN is also often requested by banks, financial advisers or others involved in management of the trust.

A tax identification number can also refer to an individual's Social Security number. As trust administrator, your tax identification number is your own Social Security number. The tax identification number for the individual receiving benefits from the trust is that person's Social Security number. You must obtain this information directly from the individual involved, as the Social Security Administration will not generally release this information to a third party.

Online EIN Application

You can apply online for an EIN at the U.S. Internal Revenue Service website. You must provide identifying information, including your Social Security number, which is validated online. After validation, your EIN will be issued immediately. The online EIN service operates during extended business hours, but is not available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Check the IRS website for current hours of operation.

Offline EIN Application

You can also apply for an EIN over the phone by calling the IRS hotline at 800-829-4933, or by filling out Form SS-4 and submitting it by fax or mail at the number or address provided on the IRS instruction form.

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