Can Smart Home Wiring Increase the House Value?

Electronic home monitoring systems use smart wiring.
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You're considering a remodel for your house, and you want maximize its value. You know that traditionally adding a bathroom is a good investment, but adding a swimming pool is potentially undesirable. What you may not realize is that smart house wiring can improve your quality of life now, while adding appeal and potential added resale value for the future.


Smart house wiring won't make your house a rival for the space-age dwelling from the Jetsons, but it is designed to provide the capacity to operate and control 21st century technology. Smart house wiring provides electrical infrastructure for electrical and electronic equipment in and around your home. Optimally, smart house wiring is integrated into new construction, however, renovation also presents a good opportunity to add smart house wiring. Smart house wiring can also be added as a retrofit into your existing home wiring system.

Present-Day Uses

Smart house wiring is already in use. Many homes have electronically controlled entertainment and home monitoring systems. Smart house wiring can also be used for motion detection systems that turn lights or temperature systems on or off, based on the presence or absence of human activity. Having these types of systems in operation, or at least having the necessary wiring in place has the potential allow your home to stand out from the competition in a tough market by providing appeal to security-minded or tech-savvy buyers

Increased Energy Efficiency

Some utility systems also offer demand meters that use smart house wiring to allow customers to monitor and control their usage of services. Customers who use demand meters often reduce their utility usage -- and save money -- by reducing utility consumption during peak demand times. Smart home wiring systems can automatically raise and lower window blinds to maximize natural light. Others water your lawn according to a predetermined schedule to minimize water waste. Once your smart home wiring system is in place, monitoring can take place from your home computer, or anywhere you can establish an Internet connection.

Future-Proofing Your Home

As technology continues to advance, smart home wiring has the potential to transform from novelty to necessity. Homes without the capacity to connect to smart-city grids or operate the newest technological innovations may be at a disadvantage on the housing market. Even if you don't intend to operate the latest gadgets, once you put your house on the market, having smart wiring installed may mean the difference between receiving your desired asking price -- or having your home languish on the market.

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