Can I Insure My Husband on My Health Insurance Even Though He Has the Option of Health Insurance?

Health insurance alleviates the pain of high medical costs.
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Dealing with health insurance is a pain. The deductibles, co-pays and red tape are the least of your problems if you can't even get a policy. With dual earners, many couples struggle with decoding the plans, comparing their choices and signing up for a policy. In many cases, you can insure your husband on your insurance even if he has other options. It depends on your employer and on your health insurance policy.

Family Plans

Review your health insurance options to make sure your employer offers family plans. According to MarketWatch, many companies are eliminating family coverage because of increasing costs associated with the Affordable Care Act. Even with a family plan, some employers are also limiting family plans for dual earners. If your husband has other options, you might not be able to insure him. Ask your plan administrator for details.

Spousal Surcharges

With rising health care costs, some employers are charging a spousal surcharge to help cover the cost of covering non-employees. This surcharge, paid on top of your monthly premium, might range between $500 and $1,000 per plan year. Read the fine print on your health insurance documents to find the true cost of your family plan.

Higher Prices

To fight increased rates, employers are starting to charge more for family plans. It's cheaper for them to insure only the employee. You might find exorbitant family plan premiums that dissuade you from signing up your husband. Some employers are even tying the premium costs to your salary, with highly paid employees charged higher premiums than lower-paid ones.

Qualifying Event

Marriage is considered a qualifying event for health insurance. You don't have to wait for open enrollment to add a new husband to a health insurance plan. Within 60 days of your nuptials, you can contact your Human Resources department and add him to your plan. Your must provide a copy of your marriage certificate as proof of your legal union. If you aren't newly married, you generally must wait until open enrollment to add your husband to your health insurance.

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