Can I File My Income Tax Electronically If I Owe From a Previous Year?

Taxpayers can file returns and pay amounts owing online for all years.
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In 2013 Americans submitted a total of 134.3 million tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service, of which 114 million were filed electronically. Regardless of the state of your income taxes, the IRS urges you to file online. This remains true whether your return from last year is overdue, or whether you owe money from previous taxation years.

Electronic Filing Options

If you already owe from a previous year, getting in your return as soon as possible and paying your overdue balance will prevent further penalties and interest from accumulating. Even if you not only owe money, but also are filing a return late, online options are available -- the IRS makes clear that late returns can be sent via the same method and to the same place as on-time returns. Online options include the government's Free File and e-file programs available from private companies. You can pay your taxes online using a credit card or through the Treasury's Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

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