Can I Buy Life Insurance on My Mother?

An insurance policy can be borrowed against for medical expenses.
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It's not pleasant to think about a parent dying, but taking out a life insurance policy on your mother can help alleviate stress when she passes. Funds from an insurance policy can help pay for burial expenses and take care of outstanding debts. To buy insurance for your mother, you just have to prove that you have insurable interest. This means you must show that you will suffer financial loss at your mother's death.


To take out the insurance policy, you'll need your mother's consent. It's illegal and fraudulent to take out a policy on someone without her knowledge. It's likely that the insurance policy will require a medical exam as well. Your mother will also need to read the policy and sign a form agreeing to the terms. You can pick a small policy that will pay the final expenses or a larger policy that your mom can borrow against if she has unexpected medical expenses.

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