How Can I Build a Room That My Cats Will Love in My New Home?

Provide the right mix of light and dark, high and low in a new cat room design to appeal to a cat's every mood.

Provide the right mix of light and dark, high and low in a new cat room design to appeal to a cat's every mood.

Cats love warm, sunny places while also craving dark, sheltered places to hide. They love high places, but also wide-open low spaces where they can run and play. They love it inside, but want the freedom to roam outdoors whenever they choose. They also love running water, but hate getting wet. Put all these loves together in the same room and create the perfect pet paradise.


Cover the floors with vinyl flooring. Vinyl is moisture-proof so it won't absorb the dreaded smell of cat urine with every inevitable accident. It's easy to clean, reducing the stress and labor demands on cat parents, and it's easy on cat paws while resisting scratches and tears from claws. It's also inexpensive to install, and inexpensive to replace.


Dedicate at least one wall to windows, both for the view as cats love to look outside, and for the sunny warmth they invite into the room. Affix tiered shelving or graduated steps to one wall that lead to a long, wide cat ledge. Position the ledge at least halfway up the wall and extend it in a continuous length around the room.


Line the walls with cubbies of various height, or stacks of cubbies where cats can hide and jump out at each other. Attach wound rope or carpet covered scratching posts to walls.

Bring the Outdoors In

Cut a cat door into one outside wall and give cats the freedom to come and go as they please. Open the cat door into a fully enclosed run for safety, if necessary. Include a running water fixture in the room that cats can both listen to and drink from.


Give cats something to watch. Include a large, covered tropical fish tank in the room. Plant berry bearing plants directly outside the window to attract birds. Fix feeders to the trees and provide both water and dust baths. If creating a bird garden directly outside the cat playroom, take care to ensure the cats can't access the birds through the cat door by enclosing the cat-accessible outdoor area. Include a television-and-DVD player combo and provide DVDs specially produced for cats. These DVDs provide continuous scenes of birds, insects and squirrels for hours of cat viewing pleasure.

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