How to Buy Wholesale Materials When Building a Home

DIY home builders and contractors can buy wholesale building materials.

DIY home builders and contractors can buy wholesale building materials.

There's a considerable amount of money that must be put into the construction of any home, and it's easy to wind up spending more on materials than your budget allows. So, it's important to consider all of the materials that you'll needed beforehand, so that you can look for ways to acquire them as inexpensively as possible. Purchasing your building materials wholesale can help shave off a considerable amount of money from your budget, without forcing you to make any sacrifices in quality.

List the materials that you'll need for your upcoming construction project. Use your building plans and home improvement magazines or websites as a guide. To stay better organized, break up your list into separate sections as you source materials for the frame, interior rooms and exterior of the structure.

Estimate the cost of each type of building material that you'll need. Use your building plans to determine the amount of lumber, concrete and other items needed to complete the foundation, frame and roof. Afterward, determine interior square footage by multiplying the length times the width of each room to properly order flooring, cabinetry and paint.

Find wholesalers online and start scouting for all the items on your list. Be prepared to make purchases in bulk quantities as many wholesalers don't sell goods individually. Make notes on your list as you find potential sources for each item.

Compare the prices of similar goods from different online vendors until you have found the cheapest source for the materials you need to build your house. Calculate tax and shipping costs into the final purchase price.

Visit local lumber yards, hardware stores and wholesale construction dealers in your area to gauge which building materials you can buy locally. Compare these prices to those that you find online. Request a builder's discount if one is offered by the construction material vendor.

Purchase your construction materials from wholesale vendors offering the lowest prices. Don't be afraid to order from several wholesalers; just keep track of what you order and from which company. Stagger delivery times appropriately, so that the right materials are on hand for your building project when needed.


  • Ask the building contractors, architects or other professionals who are helping you to build your home to check into wholesale sources and prices for you. They might work with wholesalers that are willing to match the prices you find.


  • Avoid having materials delivered to the construction site too far ahead of schedule. The longer the materials sit, the more vulnerable they become to the elements and theft.

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