How do I Buy a New Car Online?

Research new cars online to find one that best suits your lifestyle.
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With a little research and negotiating savvy, you can buy a new car online and save some money along the way. Learn as much as you can about the car you want to buy before contacting local dealerships. Determine the vehicle's "true market value" so you do not overpay. Obtain several quotes from dealerships and negotiate by sending counteroffers or asking for additional incentives, such as money back or extras like specialty tires or upgraded interior options.

Step 1

Visit car manufacturer websites to learn more about the latest models. Read online reviews from industry insiders and customers to determine if a specific model is right for you. Visit a local dealership to take the car you want to buy for a test drive.

Step 2

Visit car websites such as Edmunds, CarsDirect and AutoTrader to compare sticker prices and inventory prices. These sites also let you know about any special manufacturer deals and purchase incentives. Websites like these also provide you with the "true market value," which is the actual price many customers in your area paid for the new car you want to buy.

Step 3

Secure financing in advance if taking out an auto loan to pay for a new car. This way, you can bypass the dealership's finance department which could save you time and money. Obtaining a car loan through a dealership could cost more in finance fees and interest. Contact your bank or secure a long through a lender that specializes in auto loans.

Step 4

Visit local dealership websites to request sales quotes. Contact at least three local dealerships that have your car in stock so you can get the best price. You will receive price quotes along with information about special deals and purchase incentives. Negotiate with customer service representatives using the facts gathered while conducting online research. Don't be afraid to send a counteroffer or ask for additional incentives.

Step 5

Finalize the sale by going to the dealership to sign the paperwork. Contact your auto insurance provider to purchase insurance for the new car.

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