How to Buy Baby Supplies in Bulk

Buying diapers in bulk can save you money.
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Buying baby supplies like diapers, wipes, infant formulas and baby foods can be hard on the budget. Since these expenses add up quickly, buying in bulk is one way to save money on the regular supplies you need to care for your baby. Generally, buying items like diapers or formula in larger quantities lowers the price per unit, which is easier on the wallet.

Step 1

Buy baby supplies in smaller quantities to try them out first. Make sure you and your baby like a particular product before buying it in bulk. Avoid buying too much of a baby supply so that you don’t buy more than you need, wasting what’s left. For instance, don’t buy too many of the same size disposable diapers. Your baby may grow faster than you expect and need the next size up sooner.

Step 2

Check the expiration dates on perishables such as infant formula and baby food before buying in bulk. The “best if used by” date refers to flavor and quality, but you should probably throw away any of the product you have left over after that date. Estimate whether you can use up all the formula and baby food you buy before the expiration date. Prevent waste by buying only those products that you use most frequently in bulk.

Step 3

Compare prices before you buy to make sure that bulk pricing is the best deal. Calculate the unit price. Sometimes you actually save more money buying a generic brand in smaller quantities than you do buying a national brand product in bulk. Take the time to do the math to find out if you really can save yourself a few dollars.

Step 4

Price the baby products you use most often at warehouse stores like Sam’s Club. You have to pay an annual membership fee, but you can save big by buying items like diapers by the caseload. Warehouse stores also have their own brands of products that often cost less than buying national brands at warehouse prices.

Step 5

Search the web for online retailers that sell in bulk. Some online shopping sites offer discounts if you buy in bulk; others sell cheaper because they sell only a particular line of products. Sites such as sell cases of diapers and baby wipes at low cost. You get additional perks as well; the company delivers the diapers to your door with free shipping and handling.

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