What Are the Benefits of Townhomes?

Most townhome communities are conveniently located.

Most townhome communities are conveniently located.

Living in a townhome is the perfect answer for many people who are looking for convenience, ease of maintenance, security and a feeling of community. These homes are similar to typical homes, but unlike single-family houses, these homes are connected to each other on either side of the unit. Townhomes bring the best of condominium living and single-family home living together.

Maintenance and Landscaping

Townhome living offers the benefits of limited responsibility and cost of upkeep for the property and yard. Most townhomes have small yard areas so yardwork is minimal. You may not even need a lawn mower, depending on the landscaping you have selected for your backyard area. To maintain a consistently well-manicured landscape, the front areas are typically maintained by homeowner association fees, which you are responsible for paying. The homeowner association bylaws spell out what the HOA is responsible for and what is expected of homeowners.

Privacy and Ownership

Even though the units are connected, each unit remains separated from the rest due to an individualized entry to each property. The noise reduction provides a welcome benefit, because even though traditional townhomes are built with neighbors on both sides, no residents live above or below you. Another important benefit is that you own the land on which your unit is built and any outdoor living space attached to your home. For first-time buyers and retirees, townhomes offer an affordable alternative to single-family homes and also serve as a potential rental property.


Most townhome communities provide features that are desirable to many residents, but are not affordable on their individual budgets. Homeowner association fees typically maintain pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, party rooms and other entertainment options. Often attractive features for children, including playgrounds and bike paths are maintained by the HOA. Some high-end townhome communities are amenity rich, offering meeting rooms, entertainment facilities, golf courses, concierge services, valet parking, doorkeepers and more.


With neighbors on both sides and all around you, it is difficult for a burglar or trespasser to break in unnoticed. Most townhome developments are well-lit and with neighbors living in such close proximity, unusual noise or activity is more readily noticed. Often a sense of protectiveness between residents exists. Many residents find meeting people and making new friends easier, not only because of the physical proximity of neighbors, but because amenities provided within the community, such as pools, activity rooms, fitness areas, and more are natural places to meet new acquaintances.

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