The Average Cost of Wedding Furniture Rentals

Pick the perfect furniture for your wedding.
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Furniture rentals for a wedding are a significant expense in the venue budget of a bride. Often, the venue itself will have set prices for their available furniture, or will prefer that you use a vendor it deals with often. Regardless if you use a recommended vendor or ferret a company out for yourself, you should be aware of the average cost of wedding furniture rentals so you know you are getting a good price.

Round Tables

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Most of the decorating energy for a wedding will be focused on tables and table design. Since linens will be covering your table, concentrate on the shape you want rather than the appearance of the table. Round tables help spur conversation among guests, and typically cost around $8 for a 48 inch table that will seat six guests. Eight to 10 guests can be seated at larger tables of 60 to 66 inches, which usually cost between $8.30 and $8.50 per table. It is always less expensive to opt for a larger table because you will need fewer tables and centerpieces.

Square and Rectangular Tables

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For a more vintage look, you may consider square and rectangular tables that can stand alone or be lined up in a row. Tables that are 6 feet long typically seat six to eight people for between $6.75 and $8 each. A table that is 8 feet long that can seat up to 10 can be found for between $7 and $8.50 each. No matter the length, the width is usually 30 inches.


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Unless you are planning on covering a chair with rented linens, the look of the chair is important. Unlike the table rental, the chair will be on display, so more care should be taken in choosing its style. The least expensive chairs are the more traditional white padded and stained wood chairs. These cost around $2 each. A folding chair with no padding is even more economical at $1 each. A fancier chair choice is the Chiavari chair. These have more of a dining room chair appearance, which is more luxurious and suits vintage and upscale weddings the best. These can range from $5 to $8 depending upon the company.

Lounge Furniture

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A popular choice for reception decor for modern-styled weddings is the outdoor living room, or "lounge" style. This involves couches, ottomans and outdoor beds for a relaxed cocktail experience. Square ottomons can be placed separately or pushed together for combined seating for about $55 to $65. Square beds are a fun alternative to cocktail chairs, and are generally $70 to $85. Round beds are a bit pricier, around $195 each. Lounge furniture pieces can be sold as combinable separates, so you can mix and match within your price point for an original design that best suits your space.

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