How to Request Verification of Mortgages

A verification of mortgage confirms the current standing of your home loan.

A verification of mortgage confirms the current standing of your home loan.

A mortgage loan is likely your family's most significant debt. Maintaining, paying and keeping track of this loan is of paramount importance to your financial security. If you are undergoing a mortgage refinance or generally reviewing your finances, you might need to request a verification of mortgage. This document will detail the terms of your loan agreement (rate, payment, length of loan), the amount outstanding and your full payment history. Obtaining this document from your lender is a straightforward process.

Collect your most recent home mortgage statement, your mortgage loan account number and you and your spouse's social security numbers. You will need all of this information to make a verification of mortgage request with your loan officer.

Schedule a meeting with your loan officer at your bank, credit union or finance company. Requesting a verification of mortgage in person may expedite the process.

Provide your loan officer with your mortgage statement, your mortgage loan account number and your Social Security numbers and ask for a verification of mortgage. Ask for a full payment history as well.

Review the verification of mortgage once your lender completes it. Compare this verification with your mortgage statement, your original mortgage agreement and your bank account records. Confirm that the amount outstanding, the monthly payment and the mortgage rate are all accurate.

Contact your lender if there are discrepancies on the verification of mortgage. For example, if the document shows any inaccurate late payments on your payment history, bring a copy of your bank account records to show on-time payments. Instruct the loan officer to correct any mistakes on the verification of mortgage.

Items you will need

  • Recent mortgage statement
  • Mortgage loan number
  • Social Security number


  • Remember that a verification of mortgage is not a timeless document. It represents the status of your mortgage at a particular moment in time. If you are using this document for some purpose (like a refinance), be aware that it will only be relevant for around 60 days.

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