Ideas on Saving Money at Work

Save money by taking advantage of free coffee at the office.

Save money by taking advantage of free coffee at the office.

It's easy to fork over cash as you trek to work, during the work day, and on the way home. In fact, if you add up your work-related expenses, there are many ways you and your honey can save money at work. Take some time to sit with your spouse and review your work-related expenses and keep an open mind as you find ways to eliminate, or minimize, some expenses.

Pack a Lunch

Sure, your taste buds are tempted by the flavors at nearby restaurants and cafes that reside on the outskirts of your office, but show your bank account some love and resist. Pack your lunch at least three times a week to reduce the amount of money you invest in workday lunch meals. Spend some time the night before putting leftovers in carry-along containers, or make each other sandwiches in the morning before you head out to the office.

Say “No” to the Coffee Shop

If you need caffeine to get your morning started, trot to the coffee dispenser at your job and luxuriate in a free, warm cuppa joe. Coffee is an expensive habit, especially if you’re making the trek to your local coffee shop once or twice daily.

Ask About Employee Discounts

Whether it’s assistance towards purchasing a home or discount partnerships with area businesses, many employees have access to discounts they may not know about. Talk to your supervisor to see what types of savings programs your company participates in and take advantage.

Search for Dry Cleaning Discounts

Crisp, clean clothing keeps you looking professional in the office, but can leave a huge dent in your wallet. Dry cleaning bills are a work-related expense you can reduce by only dropping your garments off on days when the dry cleaner is offering 2-for-1 or other discounted pricing.

Take Public Transportation

Use your work commute to catch up on the news, get a jump start on work, or read that book you’ve been trying to finish by taking public transportation into the office. Catch the bus, train or subway to and from work and decrease the amount of gas money you spend weekly. You'll also reduce any wear and tear on your car that may cause expenses later. Find out if your town, state or employer offers public transportation discounts for commuters.


Gather a couple of your work pals and start a carpool ride into the office. Similar to public transportation, you can save on gas and maintenance expenses due to excessive driving. Carpooling not only saves you money, but it also gives you an opportunity to bond with your coworkers.

Walk or Take a Bike Ride

Some people are lucky enough to work close to home, and if you're one of those people, consider walking or riding your bike into the office. You'll save money and get a good workout at the same time. If you bike to work, make sure there's a safe place near your office to leave your bike during the work day.

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