How to Figure Out How Many Shares of a Stock Were Traded That Day

Whether you are happy or unhappy with how your investments are going, it's a good idea to keep up not only with their value, but also with the level of activity or degree of interest in the stock. The number of shares of stock traded in a day -- referred to in stock trading circles as volume -- is one indicator of market interest. You can readily find trading volume for an individual stock or for an entire stock exchange.

Navigate to the website of a stock exchange or brokerage, or or search engine financial data page. You might also make your way to the shareholder information page of the company in question.

Type the stock ticker symbol into the search dialog box, typically located at or near the top of the homepage. You can also type the symbol into a search engine query box.

Look for "share volume" on the resulting stock chart or data page. The figure cited is as of the end of the most recent trading day.