How to Figure Missouri Sales Tax on a Car

Missouri residents pay a specific sales tax on cars.

Missouri residents pay a specific sales tax on cars.

If one of your first purchases as a married couple is a car, Missouri requires you to register the vehicle and fork over sales tax within 30 days after buying it. As of 2012, the Show-Me State levies a $25 penalty for every 30 days past the payment deadline, with a $200 cap on the fees. However, Missouri provides a simplified registration process for titling and paying sales tax on vehicle purchases.

Subtract any trade-in allowance or rebate you received connected with the purchase from the gross price of the vehicle to arrive at the net price of the car. For example, if the gross price of the vehicle was $32,000 and you received a rebate of $1,500 and a trade-in allowance of $4,000, the net price would be $26,500.

Check the tax rate for your county on the Missouri Department of Revenue website. Find your county on the chart and look at the figure in the far right column to see this rate. As of 2012, the tax rate for Andrew County is 1.7 percent.

Add your county tax rate to the state tax rate to arrive at the combined sales tax rate for Missouri and your county. As of 2012, the state tax rate is 4.225 percent. Using the same example, by adding 1.7 to 4.225, the total tax rate would be 5.925 percent.

Multiply the total tax rate by the net price of your car. Using the same example, multiply 26,500 by 5.925 percent, or 0.05925, which equals $1,570.13 in sales tax.


  • As of 2012, Missouri charges a title fee of $8.50 and a title-processing fee of $2.50.

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