How to Calculate the Value of Series EE Savings Bonds

Savings bonds offer secure options for earning higher interest rates.

Savings bonds offer secure options for earning higher interest rates.

Series EE savings bonds are available for purchase at your financial institution, through TreasuryDirect or through a payroll deduction plan that your employer has set up. If you purchased your bond after May 1997 and before April 2005, your interest rate is based on the current market rates. For bonds that were purchased in May 2005 or after, the amount you earn is based on a fixed rate of return. You can calculate the value of your EE savings bond at any time throughout the 30-year term.

Step 1

Locate the Treasury Direct savings bond calculator at the website. This calculator has up-to-date information on the interest rates and any changes that need to be taken into account when calculating the current value of your savings bond.

Step 2

Select "EE Bonds" as your series from the drop-down menu, then enter the rest of your information. You will need to enter the "Value as of" date to specify whether you want the value as of today or another date. You'll also need to enter the denomination of your bond, the issue date and the serial number, which is printed on the bond.

Step 3

Click "Calculate" to obtain the value information for your EE savings bond. The calculation screen will show you the total price that you paid for the bond, the total value of the bond as of the date you entered, the year-to-date interest and the total interest you've earned on the bond since the bond was issued. You're also given the next accrual date, the date of final maturity and the interest rate that this information is based on.

Step 4

Click "calculate another bond" if you have more than one bond that you wish to know that value of. This option lets you create a list with all of your EE savings bond information on one page, which you can print or save to your TreasuryDirect account.

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